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Child Care

You would like to learn more about child care options in Bonn?

Child Care in Germany

EURAXESS Germany and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation offer general information on child care and kindergarten in Germany.

Child Care Centers in Bonn

There are many public and private child care centers in Bonn. Please note that the demand for child care and especially for programs which offer full-day care, is rather high in Bonn. You should therefore start looking for a suitable place as early as possible.

Information on child care centers in Bonn is available in an online information system ("Kindergarten-Informationssystem" KIGAN) offered by the City of Bonn.

Childcare Center for University staff: KiTa Newmanhaus

The Childcare Centre Newmanhaus serves primarily University of Bonn faculty and staff. It is run by the Studentenwerk Bonn and located on Adenauerallee 63, next to the University library. Programs are offered for children from the age of 4 months to 6 years. If you would like to register your child at KiTa Newmanhaus or obtain more information, please contact the director, Ms. Frances Jäkel:

Tel: 02 28 - 20 94 98 06
Fax: 02 28 – 20 94 98 08 (German only)

Family Office 

The Family Office (Familienbüro) is a service centre for parents set up by the University of Bonn. You can come here for advice and support when you are looking for the right childcare solution for your family. Please make an appointment in advance.

International Child Care Programs in Bonn

There are several institutions that offer programs in English, French or Spanish or bilingual programs .

Family Day Care

Apart from child care centers there are also childminders who offer family day care. They usually care for a group of up to five children in their home. More information on family day care is available on the website of the City of Bonn.

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