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Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS)



The University of Bonn has the goal to guide its scientific/academic young scholars to obtaining a doctoral degree in the structured framework of graduate schools. In order to ensure the highest quality standards here, the Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS) were established. Here are the BIGS guidelines and a list of the existing BIGS.








BIGS Guidelines

Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS) are permanent institutions for ensuring a sophisticated doctoral studies culture in the individual majors. Doctoral programs funded by external means; i.e., programs that are of a limited duration and focused on a topic, can be affiliated with BIGS.

The following are among the central BIGS elements:

  • Combining the MA and PhD phases in one program (for a total of 5 years)
  • Simultaneous early introduction to research and continuing further studies
  • Innovative advising concepts
  • Transparent admission criteria and competitive admission process


For a more detailed description of these elements, please see the BIGS Informational Brochure (in German).

The Council of BIGS representatives promotes the founding of additional graduate schools and shares the experiences made with other majors. The Rectorate decides whether a graduate school will be admitted to BIGS. If you are interested, please contact:

Prof Dr Jürgen von Hagen
Vice Rector for Research
phone 0228/73-9199






Bonn International Graduate Schools


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Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics (BIGS-M)

Located at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, BIGS-M provides an umbrella for all Bonn PhD students in mathematics. Thus, the BIGS-M contributes to the excellent national and international reputation of mathematics at Bonn.



Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE)

The BGSE offers a structured graduate program in economics within an internationally leading research network. Individual research is linked with a research-training program tailored exactly to the needs of PhD students.



Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS)

Supported in the context of the Excellence Initiative of the federal government and the states since 2007, the BCGS offers PhD studies in an integrated Honors program. The BCGS is jointly administered by the renowned Physics Institutes of the Universities of Bonn and of Cologne.



International Graduate School Life & Medical Sciences (BIGS-LIMES)

BIGS-LIMES offers a graduate program for Bonn PhD students in biochemistry, the life sciences, and biomedicine.

bigs drugs


Bonn International Graduate School of Drug Sciences (BIGS DrugS)

The International Graduate School of Drug Sciences is for Bonn PhD students in the participating pharma research institutes from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.

bigs oas


Bonn International Graduate School Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS)

The BIGS-OAS focuses on researching the cultures and societies of Asia and Asia Minor. The Graduate School includes a vast curricular offering within a research-focused context.

BIGS Neuroscience

Bonn Internationale Graduate School of Neuroscience (BIGS Neuroscience)

BIGS Neuroscience is committed to providing a top-level, internationally competitive program in the rapidly developing field of neuroscience.



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