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The university offers about one hundred degree programs with a wide range of courses within its seven Faculties of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Catholic and Protestant Theology and Agriculture. International students can choose from all courses offered by the university as well as from classes offered by the International Office. In general, the language of instruction is German, however, there are also classes taught in English. The flexible program structure and the different course offerings present students with a tailor-made study abroad program.


Academic Advising and Course Registration

Students choose their courses before the semester starts and sign up for no less than 12 and no more than 18 hours per week. Your performance during  the orientation course  will directly influence what kind of classes you will take during the semester. During the last week of orientation we will discuss your choices with you and help you registering for classes.

Course Recommendations

Your performance during orientation will result in recommendations on what kind of courses you should take during the semester. A list will be emailed to you at the end of orientation. Please follow these recommendations or talk to Mr. Gerkhausen if you have any questions.

Course Types

Depending on their knowledge of German, international students can choose from classes offered by the International Office and university courses.

1. The International Office offers German language classes on different levels as well as topical courses from areas of German culture, media, politics and history. For more Information, please click here

2. The course catalogue of the university offers “seminars” and “lectures”. Classes are generally held in German, some are taught in English. You can find information on university classes and the online course catalogue here

Course Registration and Schedule

During the last week of the orientation course you should choose and sign up for classes. Based on the teachers’ recommendations and your interests, you can plan your provisional schedule. During our advising sessions, you should then discuss your choices and schedule with us.

You can register online for International Office courses shortly before the beginning of each semester. For the winter semester 2014: as of September 30 (2.00 p.m.) - October 6, 2014 (1.00 p.m.) and from October 8 (9.00 a.m.) - October 12, 2014! These courses will start on October 7. In order to register for the university classes, you need to contact the respective professors directly during their office hours or via e mail. more

In the beginning of the semester you will receive a so-called „Belegbogen“.  On this form you need to indicate all classes you are taking during the semester (classes at the International Office and the “orientation course” as well as classes at the university ). Please fill in this form completely and e-mail it to Martina Stephan until October 31, 2014 (

You have to let us know about changes in your schedule and if you want to drop a class or audit it instead of taking an exam at the end of the semester up until November 14, 2014. Please send an e-mail to Martina Stephan.

How to choose and register for classes


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