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Courses offered by the University

International Students can choose from all regular courses offered at the University of Bonn provided they meet the necessary qualifications. At the end of orientation or beginning of the semester you need to contact you professors about taking their class.


Please read our checklist on how to choose and register for classes.

Courses Offered

You can find all classes offered by the University and information on the class online at

To find our more about the individual departments and their course offerings please consult their respective homepages:

·         Faculty of Arts

·         Faculty of Catholic Theology

·         Faculty of Protestant Theology

·         Faculty of Law and Economics/Law

·         Faculty of Law and Economics/Economics

·         Faculty of Medicine

·         Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

·         Faculty of Agriculture


These links will lead you to selected institutes, international students often take classes at:

·         Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies

·         English

·         Geography

·         German

·         History

·         Japanology

·         Communication

·         Northamerican Studies Program

·         Political Science


Courses taught in English

Other departments sometimes offer courses in English as well. Here you can find an instruction on how to search the courses taught in english:


Searching for the Course Language

At "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (Course Catalog) -> "Suche nach Lehrveranstaltungen" (Search for Courses) courses in a particular language can be searched und found.

·         Bonn International Graduate School (BIGS)in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

·         Agricultural Science and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ARTS)

·         Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology offers courses in Life Science Informatics and Media Informatics

·         Bonn Graduate School of Economics


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